Warren Tegg - Candidate for Banks

I am seeking your support to represent the members of Banks at the 2018 National Conference because I want to build a strong, progressive platform that ensures our party is ready to campaign and win the next election.

We need a bold social contract with voters, built on detailed plans that will provide good jobs, fair taxation and growing economy so that we can provide the schools, hospitals and social services that Australian’s deserve.

While our eyes should remain fixed on winning government, we should not neglect the need to improve our party to make it more democratic, representative and welcoming to new members. Our party has grown, but without more work to improve the role that members play, we will never reach our full potential. 

I currently work at the AMWU and have over 10 years experience working in public policy including campaigning for for workers rights – including stopping cuts to penalty rates. 

I have served for two years on the NSW Labor Economics Policy Committee, I was elected as a councillor for Mortdale Ward of Georges River council last year and I currently serve as the campaign manager for Banks FEC.

Please contact me at WarrenTeggLabor@gmail.com if you have any questions.