Tony Hay - Candidate for Mitchell

Australia needs the Labor Party in Government more now than in any recent time.

The National Conference is the venue to finalising our campaign policies to take to the Australian people in the election.

As a Mitchell resident of over 30 years I am asking for your support to be our National Conference delegate to represent Mitchell at this important time in our history.

I think I have the credentials that demonstrate a lifelong commitment to Labor and our values.

I have been President of the Mitchell Federal Electorate Council for 20+ years and served as the Hills Branch President for 19 years.

Standing for Labor locally for the past 25 years as our candidate contesting a total of 8 State and Local Government elections I have strongly represented our Party and our values.

As an elected Councillor since 2004 and as the first Labor Mayor in over a hundred years, I know what it takes to earn the support of the broader community. In fact, I was elected President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils because of my knowledge and advocacy of the issues impacting our region. I have been one of the longest serving Presidents in that role in a region that covered 11 Western Sydney Councils & 2.3 million residents.

My service to the Party apart from State and Local Government campaigns included membership of the State Industrial Development and Energy Policy Committee.

I have also served as Deputy Chair of the State Finance & Economics Policy Committee.

Having achieved the McKell award (the highest rank & file Party recognition in NSW) I was later awarded the Order of Australia for services to local government and the community.

I have been honoured to have been nominated as the local party representative for the National Conference by three Life members of the Party, the State candidate for Baulkham Hills plus the prospective candidate for Mitchell in the forthcoming federal election.

All I need now is your support to continue the good work of the Party as we move forward to gaining Government.

I hope to be in contact with you in coming weeks, I can be reached by email at or by mobile on 0414 482 000 should you have any questions.