Prosperity and Fairness at Work

With the conservatives in power at both a State and Federal level, the labour movement must be vigilant against attacks on the rights of working people. We have already seen the NSW Coalition attack workers with a wage freeze on public sector pay, cuts to workers compensation and the sacking of over 15,000 public servants. Federally, the Coalition has already foreshadowed plans to cut penalty rates and bring back draconian policies such as the ABCC.

The Committee received a number of important motions from Party units and affiliates that call for changes to improve the rights of working people across NSW. Many of these motions are a response to the unfair policies of the NSW Coalition and the Committee recognises the statements from NSW Labor Leader John Robertson to address these concerns when Labor next wins Government.

The Committee also recognises the successful campaigns that have been run by trade unions across the country which have received the support of Party units and Members of Parliament. This includes the SDA’s 100 per cent pay at 18 campaign, United Voice’s Big Steps campaign and the TWU’s safe rates campaign.

Party Unit and Union Motions (Click to download)