Policy Priorities in 2014

Marriage equality

Motion 1
“That NSW Labor Conference notes: Since the election of the Wran Government and in the following thirty years, Labor Governments in NSW have removed discrimination against same sex couples in every area of NSW law.
Federally, Labor Governments have removed discrimination against same sex couples and their children in 85 laws.
In 2011 Labor amended its national platform in favour of marriage equality for all Australians and committed to bringing forward federal marriage equality legislation.
The NSW Labor Conference supports the change to the national platform and urges the Federal Labor Parliamentary Party to continue to push for marriage equality for all Australians.”
Motion 2
“NSW Labor believes that marriage equality for GLBTIQ Australians should not be subject to a conscience vote for Labor MPs. This conference urges the next ALP National Conference to amend the platform to remove the provision that allows for a conscience vote in relation to marriage equality.”


"NSW Labor reaffirms its commitment to a consistent policy on asylum seekers and refugees that promotes the rights and dignity of those seeking asylum through: 
  • Consistency with our values of fairness, compassion, solidarity and non-discrimination; 
  • Adherence to the UN Refugee Convention and complementary international conventions. 
  • NSW Labor believes that policy regarding asylum seekers and refugees should: 
  • Ensure that people who seek asylum in Australian territory are not punished or discriminated against for their mode of arrival. 
  • Use detention facilities solely for ascertaining health, security status and identity as quickly as possible, but within 90 days. Ensure that those in detention facilities have access to an appropriate standard of care including health and education services.
  • Have all claims involving children processed in the community, not in detention facilities.
  • Ensure that claims are processed in a timely manner, adhering to principles of procedural fairness and natural justice. 
  • Operate on the basis that refugee status, once granted, shall be permanent. 
  • Reject the excision of any part of Australia from its own migration zone. 
  • Condemn refoulement.
  • Be based on transparency, independent oversight and accountability. 
  • Treat those with pending claims in the same way, for the purposes of work, services and benefits, as people whose refugee status has been accepted.
  • Ensure that appropriate and adequate support is provided to assist the settling of refugees in Australia - including through community support networks and immersion programs. 
  • Not explicitly or implicitly prohibit Government funded NGOs from advocating on behalf of asylum seekers. 
  • Take no action to transfer Australia’s legal and moral obligations towards those seeking asylum in our country to our neighbours. Those seeking asylum within Australian territory should be processed and resettled in Australia and have access to the Australian legal system. 
  • Recognise that Australia needs to work globally to address the issue of displaced people, and include a government-wide commitment to building cooperative relationships with our regional neighbours to significantly increase resources and capacity for processing in countries of primary or secondary origin. 
  • Take no action to make travel to Australia more dangerous. 
  • End privately operated detention facilities. 
  • Reject the Liberal Party’s discriminatory policy of mandatory behaviour protocols. 
  • Recognise that persecution on the grounds of gender and/or sexuality gives rise to legitimate claim for asylum. 
  • Reject recent changes to assessment processes including “enhanced screening” and any changes to the definition of “serious harm” or “persecution” including any change to the risk threshold from the “real chance test” to the “more likely than not test” 
  • Increase our humanitarian intake.
  • Reject indefinite detention due to a negative ASIO assessment.
  • Maintain Complementary Protection laws.
NSW Labor calls on National Conference to adopt a policy which is consistent with this resolution and reflects an understanding that Labor’s leadership on this issue is instrumental to achieving our vision for Australia."

Building Sustainable Communities: Labor Loves Live Music 

That Conference recognise the success of the 2012 policy. 
  • Leichhardt: Endorses good neighbours policy to encourage mediation to address amenity issues with venues in 2013
  • City of Sydney: Establishes Live Music and Performance Taskforce in 2013. 
  • In 2014 Council endorsed 61 actions (including supporting mediation in amenity disputes)
  • City of Wollongong: Clr Ann Martin establishes Live Music Taskforce in 2013. 
  • In 2014 Council endorsed 42 actions (including encouraging mediation in amenity disputes).
  • Leichhardt/Marrickville: Combine to establish joint Live Music Taskforce, with actions going to Council in June 2014.
  • Two of the three largest cities in NSW have acted following the policy and now fully passed policies arising from the campaign.
  • Three inner Sydney city Councils have aligned to endorse the policy, being City of Sydney, Leichhardt and Marrickville, reflecting the support of Linda Scott, Jo Haylen and Darcy Byrne.
  • Sydney CBD Lockout and Liquor Freeze.
The Sydney CBD lockouts and liquor freeze on new venues is acting against the development of the live music and performance sector in the city. A number of measures should be taken to ensure that the development of the live music and performance sector is not further damaged. These measures are designed to encourage more of what we would like to see in the city, rather than a position of regulating only for the purposes of harm minimisation.
Encourage late trading for live music venues to balance reduced trading during performance times, informed by the small bars precedent that allows for 2am trading for those venues associated with lower risk. 
Remove liquor freeze restrictions on new licence applications or variations for venues featuring live music or performance.
Remove lockout restrictions for venues featuring live music or performance.
Live Music and Performance Cultural Policy
That Local Labor supports the Live Music and Performance Taskforce precedents of Sydney, Wollongong, Marrickville and Leichhardt through investigating the establishment of more similar initiatives.  These would enable local communities to prepare their own site specific plans to promote the development of live music and performance in NSW.

Left priorities

Education and skills

  • School chaplains
  • Defending TAFE
  • Early childhood 
A healthy society
  • Drug law reform
  • Defending Medicare
  • Advanced Care planning 
Building sustainable communities
  • Maintaining the Renewable Energy Target
  • Affordable housing 
  • Transport investment
Indigenous people and reconciliation
  • Justice re-investment
Country Labor
  • Lack of real process in NSW Labor to develop and discuss rural and regional policy
  • Country Labor reform
Prosperity and Fairness at Work
  • Workers compensation
  • Procurement and local content