Policy Committees


NSW Labor has recently re-established Policy Committees to consider branch, SEC and FEC motions regarding what Labor's policy platform should contact.

These 8 Committees will make recommendations to Annual Conference regarding motions passed by branches and electorate councils, with Annual Conference being the supreme policy decision-making body in NSW Labor.

The Policy Committees are a great place to start in seeking advice and feedback on policy ideas and priorities.

Left members on the Policy Committees take their obligation to consult and be open to all members of the party very seriously.

They are keen to hear from you and always willing to make time to attend meetings and talk to members about what they think Labor policy should be.

The Deputy Chairs of the Policy Committees are the best contact and are always willing to respond to questions:

Economics: Luke Whitington - lukewhitington@gmail or 0422 265 775

Education: Declan Clausen - declan.clausen@gmail.com or 0433 308 771

Health: Linda Kelly - healthnswlaborleft@gmail.com

Indigenous People and Reconciliation: David Voltz - indigenouslaborleft@gmail.com

Industrial Relations: Anthony D'Adam - anthony.dadam@gmail.com or 0419 995 342

International Relations: J Kyriacou - joy.kyriacou@gmail.com

Social Justice and Legal Affairs: Monika Wheeler - nswleftsocialjustice@gmail.com

Sustainable Communities: Linda Scott - lscott@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au