Organising Training Growth: A Plan For NSW Labor



Progressive parties can only grow when they engage directly with members and supporters, and empower a large pool of passionate and trained volunteers.

Our members are the most valuable asset that we have in a campaign for growth – but they have not been empowered in this cause.

This plan presents a pathway to growth and success – by organising, training and empowering members of the Labor Party.

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We present a concrete, achievable plan for NSW Labor to double our membership by 2020 and activate new members to play an important and meaningful role in Labor’s purpose.

It is not enough to grow and reach our membership target – we must have a concrete strategy to activate and involve members in Labor. In our policy formation; in our electoral campaigns; in our issue campaigns.

Members new and experienced must be an integral part of the work that Labor does – in communities, in Parliament, in social movements. Currently this is rarely the case.

In order to grow and achieve success in any of our campaigns – either issue-based, policy based or electoral – Labor must implement a sustained, long-term strategy to grow the skills and participation of our members.

Why? Because a skilled and empowered membership base allows us to communicate directly to voters in every corner of the state about our values and achievements – without being filtered out by an increasingly hostile mass media. It allows us to reach every community in a direct and meaningful manner.

A concentration of knowledge and skills amongst the few will lead to stagnation. The democratisation and expansion of skills will lead us to growth and success.

This report has been prepared by Tamsin Lloyd and George Simon. 

We would welcome any member's feedback or comments, or discussions around implementation: &