NSW Left General Meeting July 2014

A general meeting to discuss details of what we want, and give people a say on how they see reform being advanced. If you support a particular view on reform, it's really important that you come to that meeting.

July 18, 2014 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Trades Hall Auditorium
377 Sussex St
Sydney, NSW 2000
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Chris Haviland Richard Walsham Tina Zhou Lliam Caulfield Oliver Plunkett Aaron Reynolds Hannah Smith Casey Thompson Darjan Gudelj Hoi Ian Tam Jolene Doherty Gerry Constantinou Alejandro Morales Phife Lives Adam Smith Daniel Barbar amanda rose Susan Templeman Eamon Isaac Waterford Tom Craven David Bailey-Mckay Craig Sheehan Huw Phillips Elly Howse Hannah Frank Victoria McGregor Daniel Richardson Lozza Rutto Donherra Walmsley Curtis Dickson Tom Hb Anthony Byrne Daney Faddoul Jodie E Harrison Mitchell Wilson Michael Vaughan Linda Scott Erin Watt Thom Antony Teryn Crick David Carey Amy Knox Alex Hamilton Phoebe Drake Chris Gambian Kate Bee Rachael Durrant Amy Louise Smith

Will you come?