Neville Newell - Candidate for Richmond

No one wants to see Australia inflicted with another term of Conservative government. Labor has to be determined to go to the next federal election with updated policies appealing to the majority of Australians. These changes will only come about if the grass roots or rank and file members like you and I are prepared to ensure the required small change starts here in Richmond.

In the decade since leaving politics, I too have had to endure some frustrations with Labor policy. We are in the Labor party because of our commitment to social justice, Indigenous affairs and the environment, just to name a few.

Rank and file members won the opportunity for us to vote directly for the delegates we send to National conference. We should use our votes to ensure that a rank and file delegate represents Richmond at conference who can vote freely in the interests of Richmond ALP members.

With my experience in politics and a background in Agriculture (yes it does also involve the environment if it is to be sustainable) I feel I have the necessary background to evaluate policy proposals and contribute to a more appealing National Policy Platform.