Kate Stewart - Candidate for Eden-Monaro

Kate Stewart is a country girl at heart having lived in rural and regional New South Wales most of her life.

Kate is running for National Conference Delegate to ensure that as many voices as possible, from as many parts of Eden-Monaro as possible are heard.

Kate currently represents regional, rural and remote women in the New South Wales Women's Forum; is Secretary of LEAN Capital Region‎; and was the 2016 Country Labor Candidate for the Federal Division of Parkes.



Max Buljubasic - Candidate for Farrer

I am seeking support from all members of Australian Labor Party living in federal electorate of Farrer, to become their voice at next ALP National Conference, this July in Adelaide. In my nine years, as a member of ALP-NSW Labor-Griffith Branch, I have done hard yards in grass-roots politics in positions of Secretary of Griffith Branch, President of SEC Murray and President of FEC Farrer. I was also candidate for NSW Country Labor in seat of Murray at 2015 election. I am very familiar with issues important for people in rural and regional NSW and I am prepared to strongly advocate for better deal with public health, education, transport and social services in electorate of Farrer where incoming federal Labor government, should invest substantially, to overcome massive shortfalls from NSW Coalition government in last 6 years. Lack of services in many rural and regional parts of NSW, including electorate of Farrer is burning issue and need to be addressed on the floor of the next ALP National Conference.

If elected Delegate from Farrer I will also raised issues of corporate tax avoidance and Australian sovereign debt, which is raising rapidly, as well as inequality and social justice and urgent need for major tax reform. I will be working very hard with members of our party, NSW party officers and MPs and Senators, as well as National Policy Forum members in order to contribute to ALP National Platform, with most progressive agenda in recent times, that’s what we need in order to win next federal election . We have to preserve Australia as we know it, with and put needs and aspirations of Australian people ahead of interests of multinationals and big business. I will oppose tax cuts for businesses with turnover greater then 50 million for the simple reason, our great nation Australia just cant afford it at the moment. Good government is about right choices and priorities and Australian Labor Party should not put corporate welfare ahead of welfare of its people.

That’s why I am seeking mandate from you to represent electorate of Farrer, ALP members and people of this electorate at next  National Conference.

If elected, happy to discuss any issue which might be relevant for this Conference, with ALP  party members and branches in electorate of Farrer. I will be visiting all branches in Farrer in coming months, if elected and I will be available in extensive consultation process. 



Helen Westwood - Candidate for Reid

It is critically important for Australia’s future that a Labor government is elected at the next federal election. The 48th National Labor Conference will set our Party’s policies and agenda for that election – we must get this right. 

I am standing to be a delegate to this conference because I want ALP members in Reid to have a strong and passionate voice on the floor of this important Labor Conference.

I am an active party member with over 30 years’ membership and am currently Secretary of Sefton Labor Branch. I am a proud unionist and member of the ASU.

In addition to my party activism I have a record of community activism on local issues, disability services, women’s rights and workers’ rights.  I have campaigned strongly against domestic violence and for the provision of support services for vulnerable people in our community.

If elected I will stay true to Labor principles - I will support policies and measures that:

  • decrease inequality and discrimination;
  • protect and expand the rights of workers;
  • address climate change and expand investment in renewable energy
  • ensure humane and respectful treatment of refugees
  • increase the rights rank and file party members to elect our Party’s leadership, preselect Labor candidates and determine policies.



Tony Hay - Candidate for Mitchell

Australia needs the Labor Party in Government more now than in any recent time.

The National Conference is the venue to finalising our campaign policies to take to the Australian people in the election.

As a Mitchell resident of over 30 years I am asking for your support to be our National Conference delegate to represent Mitchell at this important time in our history.

I think I have the credentials that demonstrate a lifelong commitment to Labor and our values.

I have been President of the Mitchell Federal Electorate Council for 20+ years and served as the Hills Branch President for 19 years.

Standing for Labor locally for the past 25 years as our candidate contesting a total of 8 State and Local Government elections I have strongly represented our Party and our values.

As an elected Councillor since 2004 and as the first Labor Mayor in over a hundred years, I know what it takes to earn the support of the broader community. In fact, I was elected President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils because of my knowledge and advocacy of the issues impacting our region. I have been one of the longest serving Presidents in that role in a region that covered 11 Western Sydney Councils & 2.3 million residents.

My service to the Party apart from State and Local Government campaigns included membership of the State Industrial Development and Energy Policy Committee.

I have also served as Deputy Chair of the State Finance & Economics Policy Committee.

Having achieved the McKell award (the highest rank & file Party recognition in NSW) I was later awarded the Order of Australia for services to local government and the community.

I have been honoured to have been nominated as the local party representative for the National Conference by three Life members of the Party, the State candidate for Baulkham Hills plus the prospective candidate for Mitchell in the forthcoming federal election.

All I need now is your support to continue the good work of the Party as we move forward to gaining Government.

I hope to be in contact with you in coming weeks, I can be reached by email at tonyhay.alp@gmail.com or by mobile on 0414 482 000 should you have any questions.



Kim Weller - Candidate for Hunter

I am a rank and file member of the Australian Labor Party who believes that encouraging more rank and file representation at National Conference will help to build a more democratic party.

I am seeking your support to become Hunter’s rank and file Delegate to National Conference, to advocate on your behalf, for issues which I know are of concern to you.

  1. Promoting more say for all rank and file members in elections for our Houses of Review - the NSW Legislative Council and the Australian Senate.

  2. Establishing a sustainable energy policy based on alternative sources which is secure and reliable.

  3. Putting in place a humane asylum seeker policy while resolving the current crisis.

  4. Adopting procedures for a more ethically driven and transparent Party.

  5. Advocating self-determination for first nations through negotiated treaties.

I look forward to your support, as a true rank and file representative for Hunter at National Conference 2018.