Bernard Fitzsimon - Candidate for Calare

Bernard believes the 2018 National Conference will be the most crucial Conference for Labor since the current Federal Government assumed office.

It will be a most timely opportunity for ensuring that the policies and programmes which most benefit the voters of rural and regional Australia are included in Labor’s platform for the next Federal election.

Bernard is putting his hand up to be your National Conference delegate for the electorate of Calare.

Bernard has been a resident of the Calare electorate for 54 years and a life long supporter of Labor since he was old enough to vote. On two recent occasions Bernard has been the Labor Party candidate for the State seat of Orange.

Bernard also held positions in the Orange Branch and is a founding member of the Central West Community Union Alliance.

The role of trade unions in Labor politics is a concept Bernard is committed to and he has been a life long trade union member and is currently a member of the CFMEU. Trade unions are our touchstone to the wider community.

Bernard believes that regional and rural Australia has been neglected under the current government and our communities are suffering as a consequence. Our young people are being denied a future.

Bernard is asking for your support in the candidates ballot in order to ensure that the social protections Labor espouses, and which we all hold dear, are given a high priority in the formulation of Labor policy leading into the next Federal election. 



Neville Newell - Candidate for Richmond

No one wants to see Australia inflicted with another term of Conservative government. Labor has to be determined to go to the next federal election with updated policies appealing to the majority of Australians. These changes will only come about if the grass roots or rank and file members like you and I are prepared to ensure the required small change starts here in Richmond.

In the decade since leaving politics, I too have had to endure some frustrations with Labor policy. We are in the Labor party because of our commitment to social justice, Indigenous affairs and the environment, just to name a few.

Rank and file members won the opportunity for us to vote directly for the delegates we send to National conference. We should use our votes to ensure that a rank and file delegate represents Richmond at conference who can vote freely in the interests of Richmond ALP members.

With my experience in politics and a background in Agriculture (yes it does also involve the environment if it is to be sustainable) I feel I have the necessary background to evaluate policy proposals and contribute to a more appealing National Policy Platform.



Susai Benjamin - Candidate for Greenway


Susai Benjamin is a NSW public servant for nearly 30 years. He presently works with the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation in Parramatta. Susai is very experienced in policy development and able to articulate issues well. 

As a solicitor, he has helped hundreds of people in Western Sydney on a pro bono basis. He established Toongabbie Legal Centre (TLC), a free community legal service in the heart of Western Sydney for the vulnerable people of the area. He is the honorary director of this service. The service formally started on 13 October 2007.

Susai served as a member of the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council (AMAC) constituted by the Australian Government which recommended a Multicultural Policy for Australia. 
Susai joined the ALP late in 1990 and has served as the President of Local Government Committee (Blacktown), President of SEC (Toongabbie), President of FEC (Parramatta & Greenway), President of Toongabbie Branch. He has served on several Policy Committees of the NSW State Branch. He has been a delegate to State and National conferences in the past.

He is currently serving his second term as a Councillor on Blacktown City Council.


Chris Haviland - Candidate for Bradfield

I have nominated for National Conference Delegate for Bradfield, and I ask for your support.

I was the Federal Labor MP for Macarthur from 1993 to 1996.

I am currently the President of Bradfield FEC, the Secretary of Hornsby Branch, and a member of the NSW Administrative Committee. I represented Bradfield at the last National Conference in 2015.

I am also the convenor of NSW Local Labor, a rank and file group committed to advocating for greater democratisation in the ALP, giving members more say in selecting our parliamentary representatives in both Upper and Lower Houses as well as our Party Officers.

I am a member of the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN), Labor Action for Multiculturalism Policy (LAMP) and Labor for Refugees.

This year’s National Conference presents a crucial opportunity for the ALP to establish strong progressive policies as we prepare to defeat this appalling Liberal National Party Government.

As your Conference Delegate if elected, I will support:

-more action on climate change as proposed by LEAN

-a more humane and just policy for dealing with refugees

-progressive measures to tackle growing inequality

-restoring the fairness and balance to our industrial relations system

-more proactive policies promoting public education.

-rejection of any attempts to weaken our anti-discrimination laws

-Rules changes to allow members a say in Senate and Upper house preselections.

Please contact me on 0457 155499 or at if you have any questions.



Nizza Siano - Candidate for Wentworth


If elected, Nizza would like to take the opportunity to vote for progressive policies. With 40 years ALP membership, Nizza has taken on leadership roles because she wants to motivate members to become more active and for our community to vote Labor. She has faith in our rank and file members who she believes will support policies that reflect the Party’s social justice principles. Nizza holds the following ALP positions:
• Secretary Double Bay/Bellevue Hill Branch
• Senior VP Wentworth FEC 
• President Vaucluse SEC
• Secretary Woollahra LGC
• National/NSW Secretary of Labor for Refugees.

Nizza was Lead organiser in the Finance Sector Union for 20 years, coming up through membership ranks as a bank officer active in the Equal Pay campaign in the Whitlam era.

Nizza feels passionately about:
• Refugees and people seeking asylum
• Workers’ rights
• Pay equity for women
• Legislating for assisted dying
• Closing the Gap
• Aged care
• The Arts/ABC
• Emily’s List
• Rainbow Labor.

She’s the Secretary of Eastern Suburbs ABC Friends, a feminist and long-time member of Women’s Electoral Lobby and Women’s Action Abortion Campaign.

Nizza believes Labor must reform its refugee policy by working together with our regional neighbours, to welcome refugees and people seeking asylum.


Ethan Monaghan - Candidate for Hughes


Ethan Monaghan is a 20 year-old Western Sydney University law student with maturity and experience beyond his years. He lives in Hughes and went to school locally. He’s a former fast food worker and has been employed in casual or part time work since fourteen years of age.

He believes the Party’s policy must focus on issues such as, stagnating wages, the erosion of hard won workplace rights and conditions, the exploitation of young and migrant workers, housing affordability, and climate change. These are issues that we all face but are pronounced for young people.

Ethan is well-grounded in Labor history, traditions and committed to the values of our Party. Part of this commitment means being an active member of his local Branch, a hardworking candidate in an unwinnable position in the 2016 Liverpool Council elections, Secretary of Liverpool-Banks Young Labor Association, Secretary of Liverpool Local Government Committee, and relentlessly campaigning for local Party candidates and other social issues.

Ethan believes this dedication by Party members drives our Party. That’s why the membership must be the centre of the Party’s policy making and politics. This, and learning and participating in solutions adopted at Conference is what Ethan wants to achieve.


Joanna Devine - Candidate for Parramatta



For the first time in Labor’s history members will have a direct say in who represents them at our party’s National Conference. I encourage you to vote and participate in this ballot.

I joined the Chester Hill ALP Branch in 1984 and was an active member of NSW Young Labor. I was employed by Tom Uren MP, Federal Member for Reid from 1987 to 1990. I have raised three children and played a real role in our Party and local community.

As an active branch member of Granville Central for more than 25 years I was President before becoming Secretary. I have served several Members of Parliament as a casual Electorate Officer and volunteered on many Local Government, State and Federal election campaigns.

Additionally, I was the Secretary of the Parramatta Municipal Committee for many years before standing on the Labor ticket for Council twice. I have been President of the Parramatta FEC since 2017 and have been active in Granville SEC.

This next national conference will decide whether our party is run by a small group of party insiders or whether members will decide who represents them and what Labor represents.

I stand for:

  • Protecting rank and file pre-selections. Only members should decide who represents them in parliament.


  • Limiting the power of the National Executive to intervene in pre-selections.


  • Expanding the direct election of conference delegates to state conferences so that members can decide who represents them at NSW state conferences.


  • Barring Federal MPs from running as National Conference delegates.


  • A strong industrial relations policy that shifts the balance back in favour of workers and unions, including closing the gender pay gap and less labour market casualisation.


  • Immediate recognition of Palestine by the next Labor Government.


  • I am a vote for a democratic, accountable and progressive Labor Party.

I have met many of our local members through my support of all local campaigns, at all levels of government through phone banking, letterboxing, mobile electorate offices, scrutineering, going to shopping centres and setting up and running booths to support candidates, pre-polls and election days and look forward to standing strong with you out there in the future. I believe that it is an honour and a privilege to represent branch members in the Parramatta FEC as a delegate to the National Conference. For more information or any questions please contact me at I will appreciate your support.


Kyle MacGregor - Candidate for Robertson

Kyle has lived on the Central Coast his entire life and is proud to have grown up in a working-class home. He has held various rank and file and executive positions during my time in the ALP and Union movement. He currently works as a teacher and was recently elected as an ALP Councillor with a 10% swing to Labor in my ward.

Federal Labor must take a policy programme to the next election that unites Australia, focuses on the rectification of the nefarious Liberal economic and social agenda of the Abbott/Turnbull years and has real vision taking our nation forward together in these tumultuous and uncertain times.

Labor must lead Australia into the future with a policy programme that clearly articulates our collective values, our social democratic philosophy and our vision for our nation. With the right policies and advocates fighting for them together we can help elect a Labor Government that will leave a lasting legacy for all Australians in the 21st century. 



Anthony D'Adam - Candidate for Blaxland

Image of Candidate For the first time in Labor’s history members will have a direct say in who represents them at the Party’s National Conference.

The right to vote for conference delegate was won by decades of struggle by progressive party members across the country.

You can now use your vote to help finish the job of making our party democratic and accountable to its members. This next National Conference will decide whether our party is run by a small group of party insiders or whether members will decide who represents them and what Labor represents.

Anthony D’Adam stands for:

- Protecting rank and file preselections. Only members should decide who represents them in Parliament.

- Limiting the power of the National Executive to intervene in preselections.

- Expanding the direct election of conference delegates to state conferences so that members can decide who represents them at NSW State conferences.

- Barring Federal MPs from running as National Conference delegates. Anthony believes they already have a say on policy through caucus!

- A strong industrial relations policy that shifts the balance back in favour of workers and unions.

- Immediate recognition of Palestine by the next Labor Government. Anthony asks you to vote for a democratic, accountable and progressive Labor Party.



Craig Sheehan - Candidate for Hume

I am nominating to be a delegate so I can fight for the rights of workers in our community. I live in Appin and have been working on the wharves for 22 years. My wife is a primary school teacher and we are proud to raise our kids in this part of the world. But I want to see our party focus more on regional communities like ours and ensure our kids have the best.

I am passionate about TAFE and public education funding, a real transition to renewables and keeping public assets in public hands. I have been a Maritime Union of Australia Member my entire working life and want Labor to keep up the fight for workers. I want to see economic equality for all people and strong rights for people at work.

I was recently appointed as President of the Wollondilly Branch and I want to see the party listen to the voices of rank and file members like us. At Conference, I will fight for reforms to our internal democracy that will see local branch members have more say in how our party is run.



Lyndal Howison - Candidate for Bennelong

I’m a mum, union member, P&C member and proud Branch member. Social justice has driven my politics and career. Inequality is at the heart of the Labor mission, but there is work to do in addressing it. Low wages growth and cost of living means Australians are being left behind. That’s unacceptable.

I’ve been a member of the ALP for more than a decade and it has been a privilege to serve as a Councillor, run as the candidate for Bennelong, represent our area as a state conference delegate and fight for Labor in all the campaigns we’ve contested together in Ryde and Bennelong.  I’m currently a member of the Labor Women’s Forum and the Bennelong FEC.

I manage Communications and Civic Education at the Whitlam Institute and was recently Chief of Staff for Senator Jenny McAllister. Previously I worked for 10 years in not-for-profits.

If elected to represent Bennelong at National Conference, I’ll be working to ensure that Labor’s plan to address inequality is strong, and fight to stop the devastating erosion of workers’ rights. I will pursue party reforms to improve democratic representation at all levels, and find new ways of engaging Labor supporters in our cause.



Michael Vaughan - Candidate for Sydney

National Conference is a rare opportunity for rank and file members to directly shape Labor’s agenda in government.

Being a rank and file member is about challenging Labor to be better. That’s why I have been a convenor of Rainbow Labor NSW, and last year I helped set up Labor for Aid, a campaign asking the 2018 ALP National Conference to commit to rebuild Australia’s aid program. Check out the campaign and get involved at

Being a rank and file member also means pitching in. I’ve been the secretary of Sydney Federal Electorate Council for 8 years, and campaign director in the federal seats of Sydney (2013) and Banks (2016). For my work, I’m a PhD candidate and research assistant at Sydney University, studying civil society advocacy around international tax policy.

As rank and file members, let’s make the most of this year’s Conference. We have to push ahead with reforms to make our party more democratic, and pursue the domestic inequality agenda around wages growth and public education. In particular, work with me and activists around the country to ensure Labor’s mission to tackle inequality is as ambitious abroad as it is at home. 



Deb O'Brien - Candidate for New England

I am nominating to be a delegate so I can take our progressive New England values to ALP National Conference. I know our community and I’m currently Armidale Branch President, Northern Tablelands SEC President and a Labor Councillor on Armidale Regional Council.

As the Chair of Council’s Community Well-Being Committee, I represent local services for marginalised groups, like the refugee community and Indigenous youth. In all of my work I focus on progressive causes that develop opportunities for those with obstacles to full participation in our communities.

This includes rural people, who face real discrimination in health, education, jobs and telecommunications. I will fight for Labor to increase its focus on New England, for all those who have been flying the red flag in National Party country for decades and are consistently ignored by the elitist policies of the conservatives.

I am committed to giving more power to the rank and file members of our party. The way to increase the membership that we need to fight the Nats is to give more power to the people. The True Believers on the ground should be making more of the decisions. I am committed to that fight at Conference.



Warren Tegg - Candidate for Banks

I am seeking your support to represent the members of Banks at the 2018 National Conference because I want to build a strong, progressive platform that ensures our party is ready to campaign and win the next election.

We need a bold social contract with voters, built on detailed plans that will provide good jobs, fair taxation and growing economy so that we can provide the schools, hospitals and social services that Australian’s deserve.

While our eyes should remain fixed on winning government, we should not neglect the need to improve our party to make it more democratic, representative and welcoming to new members. Our party has grown, but without more work to improve the role that members play, we will never reach our full potential. 

I currently work at the AMWU and have over 10 years experience working in public policy including campaigning for for workers rights – including stopping cuts to penalty rates. 

I have served for two years on the NSW Labor Economics Policy Committee, I was elected as a councillor for Mortdale Ward of Georges River council last year and I currently serve as the campaign manager for Banks FEC.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.




Shannen Potter - Candidate for Berowra

The key issue at this National Conference will be how a future Labor government treats refugees. I believe that Labor should always put compassion for human beings first, and I’m standing for Berowra National Conference Delegate to continue the fight so many of us believe in, for our Party to adopt a fair and humane asylum seeker policy.

I grew up in Westleigh, attended a local public high school, and enjoy living in Berowra's beautiful bushland area today. I am an active member of my local Labor community, currently serving as Assistant Secretary of the Pennant Hills Branch, and as a delegate to Berowra FEC.

I have also served as Young Labor Vice President for the past year. In this role, I have run a year-long campaign to call on progressive MPs to publicly oppose detention on Manus Island and Nauru, and to change the Party’s refugee policies for the better.

As Berowra's representative at National Conference, I will continue this fight. I pledge to introduce a motion at the Conference that the Party oppose boat turnbacks and close Manus and Nauru.

With your support, I will stand up for the humane, compassionate refugee policy we all believe in.



Fiona Seaton - Candidate for Warringah

I ask to represent you as Warringah’s delegate to National Conference.

I have been a long-time party member and branch secretary in our area. I am passionate about progressive social justice and that’s why I have dedicated my life to fighting for injured workers.

I will fight for progressive policies such as universal health care, a fairer tax system, quality education, more affordable early childhood education, affordable housing, supporting the trade union movement, a strong welfare safety net, robust retirement security, action on climate change, indigenous reconciliation and a more humane refugee and asylum seeker policy.

I strongly support the democratisation of our party, a greater say for members and increased women’s participation. I am thrilled that you get the chance to vote to determine who will represent you at this National Conference. I will fight for you to have that same right to vote for who represents you at NSW Labor Conference. I also believe you should also have a say on Labor’s candidates for the Senate and Legislative Council.

If elected, I will be your voice at National Conference for progressive policies, party reform and your right to have your voice heard at all levels of our party.



Glenda Gartrell - Candidate for North Sydney

I have lived in the Willoughby electorate since the 1970s and been an active member of the ALP for the majority of that time. I have held branch executive roles, organised many local community and ALP events and worked for the NSW Premier.  

Largely due to my initiatives my locality now has a highly valued heritage and conservation rating - including participation by householders in the National Trust Heritage Week. To revive the local Progress Association I started a suburb-wide newsletter which continues today as a well-read publication. I am a key contact for a large number of people in the area, especially for matters relating to local government.

I have two voluntary jobs. I am a research assistant at the Emergency Department Research and Education Unit at North Shore Hospital and I teach ethics at Artarmon Public School. 

Recently, I organised two successful public forums to raise awareness on the conditions in our local public schools and energy security, respectively.

I have volunteered for Labor in every local, state and federal election since the early 1970s. For over 40 years I have flown the ALP flag in our Liberal-held electorate. I would be honoured to represent you at conference.