Michael Vaughan: Together let’s make this State Conference count


When I joined the Labor Party, I joined the Left at the same time and for the same reason – because Labor Governments are the best vehicle for progressive change to make Australia a fairer and more equal place.

Whether you’re a life member, a new recruit, or somewhere in the middle like me, we’ve all had enough of the corruption, the lack of democracy, and the right-wing policy drift.

It’s time we cleaned up Labor and kicked out the Liberals.

In 2014, I’m doing something about it. I’m campaigning with others in the Left to make sure we don’t stall on the reform we urgently need. 

First step? I’ll be attending the NSW Left General Meeting on Friday 18th July at 5.30pm in NSW Trades Hall. 

This meeting will finalise the rules reforms and policy priorities for the NSW Left leading into Annual Conference. We’ll head to a nearby pub to grab a drink afterwards.

Changing the country is hard work but it’s worth fighting for, and the first step for Labor is cleaning up our own act. Together let’s make this State Conference count. 

Michael Vaughan

NSW Left Candidate for State Organiser