Michael Vaughan - Candidate for Sydney

National Conference is a rare opportunity for rank and file members to directly shape Labor’s agenda in government.

Being a rank and file member is about challenging Labor to be better. That’s why I have been a convenor of Rainbow Labor NSW, and last year I helped set up Labor for Aid, a campaign asking the 2018 ALP National Conference to commit to rebuild Australia’s aid program. Check out the campaign and get involved at www.laborforaid.org.au.

Being a rank and file member also means pitching in. I’ve been the secretary of Sydney Federal Electorate Council for 8 years, and campaign director in the federal seats of Sydney (2013) and Banks (2016). For my work, I’m a PhD candidate and research assistant at Sydney University, studying civil society advocacy around international tax policy.

As rank and file members, let’s make the most of this year’s Conference. We have to push ahead with reforms to make our party more democratic, and pursue the domestic inequality agenda around wages growth and public education. In particular, work with me and activists around the country to ensure Labor’s mission to tackle inequality is as ambitious abroad as it is at home.