Kyle MacGregor - Candidate for Robertson

Kyle has lived on the Central Coast his entire life and is proud to have grown up in a working-class home. He has held various rank and file and executive positions during my time in the ALP and Union movement. He currently works as a teacher and was recently elected as an ALP Councillor with a 10% swing to Labor in my ward.

Federal Labor must take a policy programme to the next election that unites Australia, focuses on the rectification of the nefarious Liberal economic and social agenda of the Abbott/Turnbull years and has real vision taking our nation forward together in these tumultuous and uncertain times.

Labor must lead Australia into the future with a policy programme that clearly articulates our collective values, our social democratic philosophy and our vision for our nation. With the right policies and advocates fighting for them together we can help elect a Labor Government that will leave a lasting legacy for all Australians in the 21st century.