Kim Weller - Candidate for Hunter

I am a rank and file member of the Australian Labor Party who believes that encouraging more rank and file representation at National Conference will help to build a more democratic party.

I am seeking your support to become Hunter’s rank and file Delegate to National Conference, to advocate on your behalf, for issues which I know are of concern to you.

  1. Promoting more say for all rank and file members in elections for our Houses of Review - the NSW Legislative Council and the Australian Senate.

  2. Establishing a sustainable energy policy based on alternative sources which is secure and reliable.

  3. Putting in place a humane asylum seeker policy while resolving the current crisis.

  4. Adopting procedures for a more ethically driven and transparent Party.

  5. Advocating self-determination for first nations through negotiated treaties.

I look forward to your support, as a true rank and file representative for Hunter at National Conference 2018.