Janelle Saffin: Candidate For NSW Labor President


I am standing for President of the NSW Labor Party and I am seeking your support.  I value the views and contribution of each and every member of our great party.

My membership experience in the Labor Party is like most – I’ve done all the jobs. From lobbying for services and a fair go at local level, to organising fundraisers, giving out how to votes all day, then scrutineering, and importantly putting forward Labor policy and ideas in public forums.

I’ve served as a member of the NSW Parliament for 8 years and as the Federal Member for Page for 6 years.

Having left school at 13, I managed a women’s refuge, became a teacher, completed a law degree and served as a senior advisor to the Foreign Minister of Timor Leste.  

I took advantage of every opportunity afforded by Labor, like education, not one ever afforded by the Coalition.  We are for fairness, opportunity, jobs, and support for those in need.

I’ve faced tough pre-selection fights and even tougher election fights.

And now I’m running to be the President of NSW Labor.

I’m running because through everything I’ve done, I’ve always been Labor, I’ve always loved the party and its people.

I’ve always strongly believed in what we stand for and the values we represent.

I can best represent our values on behalf of the members and to the people of NSW.  That is the sort leadership we need in our President.  I can bring my extensive experience at all levels of society to the role, and guide us through the challenging times we are in.  

We cannot rely on the misdeeds of the NSW Coalition to win the next election.  We have to show we are worthy of the support of the community - and we are, but we still have a few challenges to tackle.  I am up to this job.

I’m standing for President because I want to be part of a growing, dynamic and active NSW Labor Party. I want to Chair a Conference where delegates are directly elected by members in their local area and are accountable to them.

I want to Chair an Administrative Committee with members directly representing rank and file members, giving them a real voice in important decisions.

The NSW Left has always been at the forefront of championing progressive change in NSW Labor. I’m proud of that legacy and look forward to being a part of it in 2014.

I’m asking you to support me and the NSW Left team at the 2014 NSW Labor Annual Conference.

This is a critical moment for NSW Labor. Let’s make sure it doesn’t pass us by.

Janelle Saffin

NSW Left candidate for President