Helen Westwood - Candidate for Reid

It is critically important for Australia’s future that a Labor government is elected at the next federal election. The 48th National Labor Conference will set our Party’s policies and agenda for that election – we must get this right. 

I am standing to be a delegate to this conference because I want ALP members in Reid to have a strong and passionate voice on the floor of this important Labor Conference.

I am an active party member with over 30 years’ membership and am currently Secretary of Sefton Labor Branch. I am a proud unionist and member of the ASU.

In addition to my party activism I have a record of community activism on local issues, disability services, women’s rights and workers’ rights.  I have campaigned strongly against domestic violence and for the provision of support services for vulnerable people in our community.

If elected I will stay true to Labor principles - I will support policies and measures that:

  • decrease inequality and discrimination;
  • protect and expand the rights of workers;
  • address climate change and expand investment in renewable energy
  • ensure humane and respectful treatment of refugees
  • increase the rights rank and file party members to elect our Party’s leadership, preselect Labor candidates and determine policies.