Ethan Monaghan - Candidate for Hughes


Ethan Monaghan is a 20 year-old Western Sydney University law student with maturity and experience beyond his years. He lives in Hughes and went to school locally. He’s a former fast food worker and has been employed in casual or part time work since fourteen years of age.

He believes the Party’s policy must focus on issues such as, stagnating wages, the erosion of hard won workplace rights and conditions, the exploitation of young and migrant workers, housing affordability, and climate change. These are issues that we all face but are pronounced for young people.

Ethan is well-grounded in Labor history, traditions and committed to the values of our Party. Part of this commitment means being an active member of his local Branch, a hardworking candidate in an unwinnable position in the 2016 Liverpool Council elections, Secretary of Liverpool-Banks Young Labor Association, Secretary of Liverpool Local Government Committee, and relentlessly campaigning for local Party candidates and other social issues.

Ethan believes this dedication by Party members drives our Party. That’s why the membership must be the centre of the Party’s policy making and politics. This, and learning and participating in solutions adopted at Conference is what Ethan wants to achieve.