Deb O'Brien - Candidate for New England

I am nominating to be a delegate so I can take our progressive New England values to ALP National Conference. I know our community and I’m currently Armidale Branch President, Northern Tablelands SEC President and a Labor Councillor on Armidale Regional Council.

As the Chair of Council’s Community Well-Being Committee, I represent local services for marginalised groups, like the refugee community and Indigenous youth. In all of my work I focus on progressive causes that develop opportunities for those with obstacles to full participation in our communities.

This includes rural people, who face real discrimination in health, education, jobs and telecommunications. I will fight for Labor to increase its focus on New England, for all those who have been flying the red flag in National Party country for decades and are consistently ignored by the elitist policies of the conservatives.

I am committed to giving more power to the rank and file members of our party. The way to increase the membership that we need to fight the Nats is to give more power to the people. The True Believers on the ground should be making more of the decisions. I am committed to that fight at Conference.