Chris Haviland - Candidate for Bradfield

I have nominated for National Conference Delegate for Bradfield, and I ask for your support.

I was the Federal Labor MP for Macarthur from 1993 to 1996.

I am currently the President of Bradfield FEC, the Secretary of Hornsby Branch, and a member of the NSW Administrative Committee. I represented Bradfield at the last National Conference in 2015.

I am also the convenor of NSW Local Labor, a rank and file group committed to advocating for greater democratisation in the ALP, giving members more say in selecting our parliamentary representatives in both Upper and Lower Houses as well as our Party Officers.

I am a member of the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN), Labor Action for Multiculturalism Policy (LAMP) and Labor for Refugees.

This year’s National Conference presents a crucial opportunity for the ALP to establish strong progressive policies as we prepare to defeat this appalling Liberal National Party Government.

As your Conference Delegate if elected, I will support:

-more action on climate change as proposed by LEAN

-a more humane and just policy for dealing with refugees

-progressive measures to tackle growing inequality

-restoring the fairness and balance to our industrial relations system

-more proactive policies promoting public education.

-rejection of any attempts to weaken our anti-discrimination laws

-Rules changes to allow members a say in Senate and Upper house preselections.

Please contact me on 0457 155499 or at if you have any questions.