Joanna Devine - Candidate for Parramatta



For the first time in Labor’s history members will have a direct say in who represents them at our party’s National Conference. I encourage you to vote and participate in this ballot.

I joined the Chester Hill ALP Branch in 1984 and was an active member of NSW Young Labor. I was employed by Tom Uren MP, Federal Member for Reid from 1987 to 1990. I have raised three children and played a real role in our Party and local community.

As an active branch member of Granville Central for more than 25 years I was President before becoming Secretary. I have served several Members of Parliament as a casual Electorate Officer and volunteered on many Local Government, State and Federal election campaigns.

Additionally, I was the Secretary of the Parramatta Municipal Committee for many years before standing on the Labor ticket for Council twice. I have been President of the Parramatta FEC since 2017 and have been active in Granville SEC.

This next national conference will decide whether our party is run by a small group of party insiders or whether members will decide who represents them and what Labor represents.

I stand for:

  • Protecting rank and file pre-selections. Only members should decide who represents them in parliament.


  • Limiting the power of the National Executive to intervene in pre-selections.


  • Expanding the direct election of conference delegates to state conferences so that members can decide who represents them at NSW state conferences.


  • Barring Federal MPs from running as National Conference delegates.


  • A strong industrial relations policy that shifts the balance back in favour of workers and unions, including closing the gender pay gap and less labour market casualisation.


  • Immediate recognition of Palestine by the next Labor Government.


  • I am a vote for a democratic, accountable and progressive Labor Party.

I have met many of our local members through my support of all local campaigns, at all levels of government through phone banking, letterboxing, mobile electorate offices, scrutineering, going to shopping centres and setting up and running booths to support candidates, pre-polls and election days and look forward to standing strong with you out there in the future. I believe that it is an honour and a privilege to represent branch members in the Parramatta FEC as a delegate to the National Conference. For more information or any questions please contact me at I will appreciate your support.