Bernard Fitzsimon - Candidate for Calare

Bernard believes the 2018 National Conference will be the most crucial Conference for Labor since the current Federal Government assumed office.

It will be a most timely opportunity for ensuring that the policies and programmes which most benefit the voters of rural and regional Australia are included in Labor’s platform for the next Federal election.

Bernard is putting his hand up to be your National Conference delegate for the electorate of Calare.

Bernard has been a resident of the Calare electorate for 54 years and a life long supporter of Labor since he was old enough to vote. On two recent occasions Bernard has been the Labor Party candidate for the State seat of Orange.

Bernard also held positions in the Orange Branch and is a founding member of the Central West Community Union Alliance.

The role of trade unions in Labor politics is a concept Bernard is committed to and he has been a life long trade union member and is currently a member of the CFMEU. Trade unions are our touchstone to the wider community.

Bernard believes that regional and rural Australia has been neglected under the current government and our communities are suffering as a consequence. Our young people are being denied a future.

Bernard is asking for your support in the candidates ballot in order to ensure that the social protections Labor espouses, and which we all hold dear, are given a high priority in the formulation of Labor policy leading into the next Federal election.