Australia and the World

Labor has a proud history when it comes to foreign policy – Curtin’s leadership during World War Two and building relations with the United States, Evatt’s role in the establishment of the United Nations, Whitlam’s recognition of China, Hawke’s role in defeating apartheid and Keating’s leadership in forming APEC.

Conference recognises the achievements of the former Federal Labor Government in building on this legacy. The withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq, the release of the Asian Century White Paper and the successful campaign to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council are but some of the many achievements from our six years in office.

The Committee pays tribute to Labor’s Ministers for Foreign Affairs over this period, Stephen Smith, Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr.

The Committee notes that the vast majority of policy motions received from Party units relate to the Middle East. The Committee recognises the fact that there is no easy solution to this issue. Labor supports the ‘two-state solution’ achieved through a negotiated settlement.

Party Unit and Union Motions (Click to download)