Asren Pugh: Candidate For General Secretary


Running as the NSW Left’s candidate for NSW Labor General Secretary isn’t an easy task.

In the 60 years since the formation of the Steering Committee, the forerunner of the NSW Left, not one Left candidate for General Secretary has been successful.

I am qualified for the job, having over a decade of experience in running campaigns and playing a leadership role large and diverse organisations, fighting for progressive change in our society. But I don’t kid myself about my chances in 2014.

I’m putting my hand up anyway because I believe that our party has to change.

The Left has been at the forefront in changing our party for the better and it is the Left that is leading the fight on issues that we all care about in 2014. A more democratic, more open and more campaign active Labor Party. Taking serious action to address economic inequality, environmental destruction and climate change, compassionate treatment of refugees and recognition of marriage equality.

The headline debate on these matters, setting the scene for the rest of the Conference, takes place on the Saturday morning of NSW Labor Conference.

10am, Saturday 26 July, Sydney Town Hall. This is a critical moment for NSW Labor.

I’ll be standing up for what I believe in by taking it up to the NSW Right during this debate. And I am asking you to join me, because although I may not have the numbers on Conference Floor, we know we have the support of the grassroots of our party.

Showing that support in the Observers’ Gallery will make a real difference. Every ALP member is welcome to attend. You can register here:

And remember these upcoming NSW Left events in preparation for Annual Conference:

NSW Left General Meeting

Friday 18th July, 5.30pm, Trades Hall Auditorium

You can access the rules and policy proposals on the agenda for discussion here:

NSW Left Challenge Assembly

Friday 25 July, 5.30pm, Room 322, Building 6 (Design School), UTS, Harris St, Sydney

RSVP online now:

Asren Pugh

NSW Left Candidate for General Secretary