A Crucial Moment For NSW Labor


Join us at the Saturday Administrative Committee debate around 10am at Town Hall.

This year’s Annual Conference comes at a crucial moment for NSW Labor.

This conference represents a chance to choose our future as a party:

• allowing more people to have a say in Labor’s decisions; and
• continuing to grow towards 100,000 members.

We welcome the fact that we look likely to adopt a move to directly elect Labor’s leader at this conference.

However reforming Labor in Macquarie Street, but leaving Labor in Sussex Street untouched, will not be acceptable.

Our aim at this conference has to be to continue to clean up Labor, and then to kick the Liberals out of Government.

At its heart, we believe our problems came from the extreme concentration of power in NSW Labor. We can’t allow that culture to be rebuilt.

• Labor’s National Executive needs to act to support Bill Shorten’s plan for 100,000 members.
• NSW Labor needs to acknowledge the substantial party mood for direct election, by giving members a stake in the election of our Parliamentary Leader and in our key internal ballots and preselections.
• Labor needs to continue the clean-up. The best protection against the corruption of the past, is to rebuild Labor in a way that involves more people in our decisions.

This Annual Conference is a key moment when Labor chooses to reform or not.

Whether you are a delegate or not, we encourage you to come and add your voice to the debate about Labor’s future.


July 26, 2014 at 10am - 11am
Sydney Town Hall

Will you come?