Winston Close

Because of the values espoused by the NSW SOCIALIST LEFT FACTION .

as Custodians of  the Light on the Hill values.

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    It’s time for Labor left to leave the Labor party and form a new Labor party.
    We must leave toxic Bill and his right wingers horde behind, for ever.
    Time to save The Light on the hill values and save Australia from the double whammy conservatism of Bill and Co. and the Liberals.
    We must have Anthony Albanese as leader, or someone else who represents the values of The light on the hill principles and genuinely represents Australia
    Winston Close

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    I accidentally made two payments for $ 40.00 for membership donation. I received two confirmations one 498 at 10:50 am & 499 at 10:53,

    Could you please cancel the second one.

    please confirm

    Winston Close




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