Anthony Albanese Speech: Labor, The Way Forward


The labour movement is one of the greatest forces for justice, fairness and equity in global history.

Few social movements have had such a profound effect on human existence as organised labour.

Working from the idea that fairness and collectivism will always trump greed and self-interest, the labour movement built the foundations of decency in modern Australia.

The architects were working people who understood that fairness could never be achieved if self-interest guided decision-making in all things.

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Open Letter To Jamie Clements: Reforming Young Labor


Dear Jamie,

I write today to ask for your support for the democratisation of NSW Young Labor.

The political culture that is fostered in the youth wing of the Party will be a strong indicator of the future fortunes and political culture of NSW Labor.

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Jenny McAllister: Stick With Labour Movement, Unravel The Culture

We need a system that lets more people have a say in who represents Labor in the Senate Labor’s vote in the West Australian Senate re-run election suggests we have a long way to go to meet our two goals — winning elections, and fighting and winning the battle of ideas.

In this light, Bill Shorten’s call to double the size of our current membership to 100,000 members sets the right objective for party reform. 

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Senator John Faulkner Statement: ALP Reform Agenda

Last Thursday I asked the NSW Branch of the ALP to circulate a letter [attached] proposing changes to the Party’s Rules in NSW. 

This letter is forthright about the challenges facing the NSW Labor Party and the reforms needed to meet them.

These proposals advance my long-standing commitment to internal democracy and Party integrity.

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Senior Labor figures John Faulkner and Jenny McAllister call for change to candidate selection

Labor elder John Faulkner will push for the direct election of Senators by ALP members and a new pledge to uphold ‘‘integrity’ by all Labor candidates.

Senator Faulkner will use the next NSW Labor conference to attempt to amend rules around preselections for the senate and the state upper-house.

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Senator Doug Cameron On ABC Radio 7 April

Last night I spoke to Waleed Aly on ABC Radio National about the need for change within the ALP and why the WA Senate result must be seen as an opportunity for bold reforms. Listen here on ABC Radio National.
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Existential crisis: Labor may be overtaken by the Greens, veterans warn

Veteran WA Labor senator Mark Bishop has warned that his party could be overtaken by the Greens as the dominant progressive party in that state in the wake of its “disastrous” WA Senate performance.

Former WA premier Geoff Gallop issued a similarly bleak warning on Monday, saying Labor faces an “existential crisis” and will never again govern in its own right without major party reform.

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Transcript Of Radio Interview - ABC AM Agenda: Anthony Albanese MP

CHRIS UHLMANN: Labor is delighted to have a second crack at the Senate in Western Australia because at the first poll it returned just one senator.

Anthony Albanese is Labor’s spokesman for infrastructure, transport and tourism. Good morning.

ANTHONY ALBANESE: Good morning Chris.

CHRIS UHLMANN: Anthony Albanese, what does Labor offer the West because whatever it is the people there don’t seem to be buying it?

ANTHONY ALBANESE: Well, of course voters in the West can’t change the Government tomorrow but they can put a handbrake on the cuts that are coming from the Abbott Government.

We know that they’re hiding the Commission of Audit, the savage cuts that are in there. We know that Colin Barnett, who is Tony Abbott’s role model has had savage cuts to education already – some 350 teachers and $180 million.

We know they’re planning a new Medicare tax; we know that they’re contemplating spreading the GST wider and we know in my area of infrastructure, that they’ll cut half a billion dollars from public transport infrastructure that’s already been put in the Budget.

I think people are seeing that Tony Abbott had a plan to win government but he doesn’t actually have a plan to govern.

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