Marion Hosking OAM

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    Graeme et al I want to add a personal experience to demonstrate the workings of our Party…then and now! When i came to Taree over thirty years ago I was amazed to find the Mayor, Les Brown, was a member of the ALP. This in a rabid National Party seat! He ran for the State if I recall correctly and almost won the seat. say 1984-5?? I arrived and was immediately made secretary. So when the next election loomed Les put his hand up again! I, with Les, attended FEC to get its imprimatur. Les was the obvious choice….. most popular politician in the seat. Much to our surprise Richo turned up! End of story, Les did not run!
    no.2. The last state election for Myall Lakes we chose an excellent candidate;local doctor , President of Branch etc. As to his politics I believe he was a freethinker, in other words his vote within the Party could not be counted on by left or right. He had a good crew pre election but the assistance from HO he received was minimal. He achieved a 15% swing and should be now groomed for the next election but ?? And we wonder the reason people lose interest!

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