The Conference Tax Debate


One of the big questions that faces the Labor Party in the lead up to National Conference is how the current tax-to-GDP ratio can deliver Labor's aspirations for the role of Government.

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Tamsin Lloyd: Conference Day 1 Highlights


ALP Conference is always an exercise in theatre. The jokes are bad, the speeches loud, but we in the left always hope that our points will cut through.

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Janelle Saffin: Candidate For NSW Labor President


I am standing for President of the NSW Labor Party and I am seeking your support.  I value the views and contribution of each and every member of our great party.

My membership experience in the Labor Party is like most – I’ve done all the jobs. From lobbying for services and a fair go at local level, to organising fundraisers, giving out how to votes all day, then scrutineering, and importantly putting forward Labor policy and ideas in public forums.

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John Graham and Mark Boyd: Reform Sussex Street Not Just Macquarie Street


This third Community Labor publication reports back following the reform debate NSW Labor has had since 2011.

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The Community Labor agenda envisioned Labor as a movement, not just a political party. It wanted Labor to tap into the community organising agenda here and overseas. It wanted a party that told a big, inclusive story about its Labor values and was prepared to fight for it.

That debate has led to change, and Labor is in a stronger shape as a result.

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Tim Ayres: 5 Reasons Why Direct Election Isn't Good Enough


Following NSW Labor’s thumping defeat in 2011 and the repudiation of the Rudd/Gillard Labor Government in 2013 Labor members, affiliates and insiders have begun to advance proposals to reform and democratise the Labor structure.

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Asren Pugh: Candidate For General Secretary


Running as the NSW Left’s candidate for NSW Labor General Secretary isn’t an easy task.

In the 60 years since the formation of the Steering Committee, the forerunner of the NSW Left, not one Left candidate for General Secretary has been successful.

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Michelle Miran: NSW Left Candidate for Senior Vice-President


I was brought up to believe in egalitarianism and the inalienable right to equality of opportunity. When I attended Gough’s “Its Time” launch at Blacktown in 1972, the course of my life was changed.

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Michael Vaughan: Together let’s make this State Conference count


When I joined the Labor Party, I joined the Left at the same time and for the same reason – because Labor Governments are the best vehicle for progressive change to make Australia a fairer and more equal place.

Whether you’re a life member, a new recruit, or somewhere in the middle like me, we’ve all had enough of the corruption, the lack of democracy, and the right-wing policy drift.

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