Fiona Seaton - Candidate for Warringah

I ask to represent you as Warringah’s delegate to National Conference.

I have been a long-time party member and branch secretary in our area. I am passionate about progressive social justice and that’s why I have dedicated my life to fighting for injured workers.

I will fight for progressive policies such as universal health care, a fairer tax system, quality education, more affordable early childhood education, affordable housing, supporting the trade union movement, a strong welfare safety net, robust retirement security, action on climate change, indigenous reconciliation and a more humane refugee and asylum seeker policy.

I strongly support the democratisation of our party, a greater say for members and increased women’s participation. I am thrilled that you get the chance to vote to determine who will represent you at this National Conference. I will fight for you to have that same right to vote for who represents you at NSW Labor Conference. I also believe you should also have a say on Labor’s candidates for the Senate and Legislative Council.

If elected, I will be your voice at National Conference for progressive policies, party reform and your right to have your voice heard at all levels of our party.


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  • commented 2018-03-04 22:02:29 +1100
    Fiona Seaton supports the Labor Environment Action Network, as an important example of increasing avenues for member participation. She supports LEAN’s motion for national conference for stronger environment laws and independent environment institutions: David Mason, LEAN NSW executive member