Existential crisis: Labor may be overtaken by the Greens, veterans warn

Veteran WA Labor senator Mark Bishop has warned that his party could be overtaken by the Greens as the dominant progressive party in that state in the wake of its “disastrous” WA Senate performance.

Former WA premier Geoff Gallop issued a similarly bleak warning on Monday, saying Labor faces an “existential crisis” and will never again govern in its own right without major party reform.

Labor suffered a 5 per cent swing against it at Saturday’s WA Senate re-run, leaving the party languishing on a primary vote of 22 per cent. The party may be left with only three senators in WA - sitting senators Sue Lines and Glenn Sterle, and former union boss Joe Bullock - if current senator Louise Pratt misses out.

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  • commented 2014-04-15 10:51:29 +1000
    If the WA election is a sign progressive politics is becoming the domain of the Greens.

    Scot Ludlams speech to the Senate patently shows how far the ALP and its progressive ideals have been largely ignored and subsequently hijacked by the Greens.

    If this speech was not seen by ALP members and supporters as fundamentally a speech of ALP and labour movement ideals and sentiment we are truly in a bad way.

    I listened to this speech and wondered who in the ALP could deliver such an overdue and succinct address.

    Faulkner probably (he has been doing for years without support) Albo maybe.

    I speech without fatuous rhetoric but clean and clear emotion and conviction I am struggling.

    Too many of our speeches are delivered with the same vacuity of conservative contempt akin to Dastyaris maiden speech.

    Ludlam’s speech should be shown at every candidates forum and every caucus meeting as a reminder of what ALP values are.