Anthony D'Adam - Candidate for Blaxland

Image of Candidate For the first time in Labor’s history members will have a direct say in who represents them at the Party’s National Conference.

The right to vote for conference delegate was won by decades of struggle by progressive party members across the country.

You can now use your vote to help finish the job of making our party democratic and accountable to its members. This next National Conference will decide whether our party is run by a small group of party insiders or whether members will decide who represents them and what Labor represents.

Anthony D’Adam stands for:

- Protecting rank and file preselections. Only members should decide who represents them in Parliament.

- Limiting the power of the National Executive to intervene in preselections.

- Expanding the direct election of conference delegates to state conferences so that members can decide who represents them at NSW State conferences.

- Barring Federal MPs from running as National Conference delegates. Anthony believes they already have a say on policy through caucus!

- A strong industrial relations policy that shifts the balance back in favour of workers and unions.

- Immediate recognition of Palestine by the next Labor Government. Anthony asks you to vote for a democratic, accountable and progressive Labor Party.


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  • commented 2018-02-28 19:46:31 +1100
    I support Anthony for as an advocate of social reform and his support to all party members and the need for members’ voices to be heard by those in power.
  • commented 2018-02-27 22:45:39 +1100
    Appreciate Anthony’s support for the Labor Environment Action Network’s work as an important example of increased engagement for branch members, and particularly when I presented LEAN’s motion for stronger environment laws and independent environment institutions to unanimous support from Auburn-Lidcombe branch: David Mason, NSW executive member, LEAN