Graeme Fraser

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    “If only Labor or the LNP could get their acts together or find the right leader. Everything would then be ok.”
    How often have you heard this? If you think that things will change anytime soon you are wrong. We are trapped in our very own ‘Political Duopoly’.

    We are being rogered by the system itself. You and I have been involved in political ‘Daisy Chaining’ (Google it) since the 70’s, blissfully unaware of the Liberal Labor Liberal Labor collusion – Roll up Career Pollies, who’s turn is next?

    The big two have colluded to make it this way. Mutually agreeing to the Duopoly, so that no other parties could ever contend for power. In front of the cameras, Bitter Enemies fighting for our future – Behind the scenes, Besties!

    Both Labor and the Liberals KNOW that we only have a choice between Labor and Liberal. Not only do they KNOW, they BANK on it!!!

    We have in our minds, a picture of politics as one where major parties use the power of office to generate a viable and coherent platform for governing, in the name of the majority of citizens. This scenario no longer exists in this country. It is Gonski, dead, cremated, buried!

    The continual unrest that caused Labor’s leadership battles, and that is causing the current unrest within the LNP, are not some passing phase that Labor and the Liberals are going through. It is NOT something that “could be put to bed if each party could only just find the ‘right leader’ to unite them.”

    Malscum Turdball and Dill Shorten are NOT the problem, any more than they are the solution. They have risen to the top of politics because the system rewards a particular type of operator.

    “If only Labor or the Coalition could just get their acts together.”
    “If only we could return to the ‘good old days’ of a Bobby Menzies or Keating or a little Johnny.”

    A re-elected Turdball Government is not going to suddenly become more viable than the current version. It would not matter if Morriscum, or Asbestos Bishop or Harry Butler happened to take over the reins.
    NONE of them have the solution.
    NONE of them can magically turn everything around in a way that has always eluded Abbott. And Dill Shorten is NEVER going to reinvent the Labor Party. He will NEVER unite the Left, Right and Centre.

    The Greens WILL eventually be a major player, but that will not happen for at least another ten to twenty years, and they will need to outwardly embrace ‘Jobs’ and ‘Unionised Labor’ a hell of a lot more before the ‘Left’ voters will embrace THEM.

    If only Labor would form a ‘Green Unionised Labour Coalition’ with the Greens. But alas, that will not eventuate until Labor eventually loses enough of their once ‘safe’ seats to the Greens. But Sydney’s ‘Sussex Street’, or ‘Room 32’ as it was called back in the day, will ensure that it happens later rather than sooner.

    We need to stop clinging to the political system that we have all grown up with. We all dislike change, we all fear change, but change is not always a bad thing; “The invention of Computers will result in mass job losses!”.

    Time for change!

    Time to relinquish the assumption that ‘Good Governance’ can only come from a ‘Major Party’ in control of ‘Both Houses’ of Parliament.

    As long as we thoroughly scrutinise any ‘new’ party, we would be better served by electing ‘Real’ Smaller Parties and ‘Real’ Independents. This would more than likely result in ‘real policy debate’ in parliament rather than the current, ‘scratch mine scratch yours’ farce.

    The current ‘Big Two’ Duopoly will NEVER deliver real change in Australia. The party ‘structures’ FORCE their MP’s into arguing for policies that they DON’T believe in. And the Big Two they have the temerity to label these cop outs as ‘Party Unity’.

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